How to make leather bracelets for women

How to make leather bracelets for women

Nowadays you can make almost everything by yourself. Of course, you will need the right tools and some tutorials, but other than that, there really are no limits to creativity. The same goes for jewelry. Some pieces are easier to make, especially if you are new to this. Leather bracelets for women are one of those pieces that everyone can make by themselves with relatively little effort put in. And what is the best – custom leather bracelets are suitable not only for women but also for men. In fact, leather bracelets are mostly seen to be worn by men. Anyhow, every one of you can make a leather bracelet, there are many types of these gorgeous bracelets that you can make, and who knows, maybe even so good that it will make a great gift to someone!

Leather as a material for making jewelry

Leather is a versatile substance of treated rawhide products. It is possible to create jewelry pieces such as bracelets, necklaces, anklets as well as tassel key-rings and belts in a number of craft-based projects

Leather is a very good, natural material from which to make bracelets, as it feels soft on the skin. At first, when something is freshly made out of leather, it can feel a bit uncomfortable and hard. Imagine leather shoes, from authentic leather – it requires some time for them to feel comfortable, as you use leather products more, the leather will become softer! 

As this is a natural material, it requires special care and cleaning. There are many things you have to keep in mind when taking care of custom leather bracelets, and more about tips and tricks on how to clean your leather bracelet and other items from leather, you can find here.


Different types of custom leather bracelets for DIY

Beaded leather bracelets for women

You will need:

  • leather cords or strings
  • beads with holes that are large enough for the leather 
  • jewelry fittings of your choice
  • scissors

When making leather bracelets for women, you can measure the length you will need by wrapping the string around your wrist and by adding a few more inches of the total length to compensate for a bind or fittings. Cut 2 pieces of leather strips with scissors.

  1. Attach the loops at one end with a secure knot and leave some leather at the end to tie the wristband. Place one end on the tabletop with a pin for the easiest beading process.
  2. Place one bead on one of the strings and slide it to the knot base.
  3. The leather chord should go from the other side in the same ring.
  4. Continue to add beads to your bracelet by sliding one bead up one of the strands and pulling that strand in the opposite direction through the center. Do so until the bracelet is sufficiently long to cover the whole wrist.
  5. Use an appropriate node to connect your bracelet to the other end. Cut the tape from the other end and tie your fingertips together to finish your bracelet

Here you can find an easy tutorial for an interesting type of beaded leather bracelet!


Rhinestone leather bracelets for women

For this, you will need:

  • leather bracelets
  • rhinestone rivets, 
  • leather flower cut-outs, 
  • belt hole puncher tool.

Take your steps to make these custom leather bracelets: make a small mark with a marker to ensure that they align correctly and are evenly spaced. Use the belt hole puncher tool to cut the holes. This two-size device (1/8th and 3/16th inch) is the right piece for your rivet.

When you stroke the rhinestone rivet through the bloom and cuff of the leather, then push the bottom of the rivet onto the back of the bracelet. Now, your rhinestone leather bracelet for women is ready.

Simple leather bracelets for women

With the same method, as just mentioned, you can also make a very simple leather bracelet that can be worn no only by women but also men. 

You will need: 

  • Leather strap
  • Hole puncher
  • Jewelry fittings


Simply take measurements of how long leather strap you will need. Of course, you can just tie it up in a knot and your bracelet is done. But if you want for it to hold on more securely, you will need some fittings to be added. Then take a hole puncher to help you, especially if you are making this bracelet for someone else as you might not know the precise size of their wrist. Add fittings and you are done!

Over centuries in our culture, leather has played numerous parts. Tents, shoes, dresses, boots, saddles, bracelets and more have once been bonded in leather. Nevertheless, one of the key functions of today’s durable material is to make gems. Leather’s well-known and universal appeal is for easy, men’s and women’s styles. Leather bracelets for women make a statement and promote the preservation of traditional crafts worldwide. There are a number of custom leather bracelets available like a leather bracelet with quotes written on it, pendant leather bracelet, Swarovski pearl leather bracelet and many more. We hope that our advice will help you make an incredible leather bracelet!