Woman anklets or ankle bracelets

Woman anklets or ankle bracelets

The variety of accessories is endless. There are thousands of different types of jewelry out there and most likely there exists an adornment for every part of the human body. So it comes as no surprise that there is also an accessory for ankles. Although it is a specific kind of jewelry, we suggest you try to include it in your look at least once in your lifetime!

Every type of accessory has many different sub-types and so does the woman anklets. Anklets, in general, are like bracelets for your ankles. Their types mostly will differ based on the material that the anklet is made of or the style of the woman’s anklet

Wearing an ankle bracelet

What comes first to your mind when thinking of this accessory? It must be summer or beach, or sunny weather! And yes, you can get the most use out of ankle accessories (or feet accessories actually), over the summertime or warmer weather. If you really love this type of jewelry, of course, you can wear it with jeans, long pants and boots, that would cover up your anklet while you are out and about. Especially, if the anklet is a gift from someone special or holds dear memories to you – you should wear it more than just over the summer.  However, anklets are not compatible with long socks, tights and maybe leggings as well, it depends on how you love to wear your leggings. 

Different styles of ankle bracelets

Mostly woman anklets give a romantic addition to your whole look, as they come with a little sparkle and summer vibe with them. Of course, you can choose a simpler, more aesthetic design, especially if you are wearing your anklet the whole year-round. However, if you want to add something extra to your look, consider these types of ankle bracelets:


  • Beaded anklet.


  • Shell anklet – it could be made out of shells entirely or hold charm in the form of a shell. Also, shells can be real or made out of plastic or metal, maybe even silver.
  • Charm anklet. These will add a little extra style and also weight on your ankle. Some might find this type of anklet, not the most comfortable, with charms causing tingling feels.


These are just a few of many anklet types that are out there. You might also want to consider layering up your ankle bracelets for a more complicated yet confident look. 

Different materials for woman anklets

Metal anklets

The most commonly used material for anklets will be some kind of metal. It might be silver, gold (either yellow or white), nickel, brass or copper. 

Thread anklets

As with the bracelet, you can also have an anklet from a thread. The most popular types of the thread will be leather thread (also called leather cord) or silk, or nylon threads. 


These can be also very different and dependant on both, the style and the material of the woman’s anklets. For example, an anklet made with the base of a silk thread, most likely will not have silver charms, as they are heavy and silk is an elastic material, therefore it might get damaged over time. 

Here are different additions, you might consider adding to your anklet:

  • Beads – either wooden, acrylic or glass, in different colors, patterns, and forms, not only round!
  • Charms – these might be letter charms, different figures. For woman anklets, most popular are shell, heart, star and flower forms for charms. 
  • Gemstones and crystals – these might be either in a form of charm, bead or incorporated in the anklet itself as a part of the band. 

These, described above are just the most common types and materials for anklets. There are many more, more than you can imagine. Also, designs of the anklet bracelets have no limits – there are even knitted toe ring anklets! These can be attached to your toe ring to cover the upper part of your feet and make a very unusual anklet. You can see, that anklets can also be matched with other accessories. A tip from us would be to match your anklet firstly with toe rings, if you are wearing any, and with your look as a whole. 

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