Bracelets for women

Bracelets for women

Do you wear bracelets? You may be wondering why other women are doing this? There are many options to choose from and you should not limit yourself to only one favorite bracelet. The choice can be overwhelming therefore before making any serious purchase you should explore which one would be best for you. Of course, consider the reasons why to wear bracelets for women – it will help you to better understand which types of women’s bracelets you need in your jewelry box!

Reasons why women are wearing bracelets

There are many reasons why women are wearing this accessory nowadays. Often it is not only the value of the accessory but also something not visible straight away. This accessory, like any other actually, can hold a special meaning to its owner. Maybe it’s a dear memory or gifted by someone special. Bracelet as an accessory has been known for centuries, but what does it mean for ladies nowadays?

Fashion accessory

Every woman likes to look good and one way to do it – upgrade your look with accessories! Woman’s bracelets are often used as accessories and sometimes your whole look could seem incomplete without a bracelet. Some might choose a neutral bracelet that blends in with the style, while others will choose a more vivid bracelet to be noticed at the event they are planning to attend.

Social status

Often when women buy and wear expensive gold or diamond bracelets on them, it is to show their social status. You cannot deny that, over time, gold has been a symbol of wealth. In Eastern countries, wearing cufflinks can symbolize belonging to a specific group of society. It is also possible to make it look like you are wearing an expensive piece of jewelry as nowadays many custom accessories are made so good that they look very expensive. 


Probably this piece of jewelry has been given to you by someone very special and is now associated with beautiful memories. Perhaps you bought a bracelet during a trip filled with good memories and now the bracelet evokes positive emotions and memories of the trip. For some, it can also be a family heirloom handed down by generations of women.

Reflect your identity

Can you tell at a glance who would wear and choose a specific bracelet? Yes, jewelry can also reflect each person’s identity. Many women wear woman’s bracelets to show their style. A specific style, specific features, all characterize each person’s identity. For example, the charm bracelets that are very popular today, reflect the identity of each person. Each of these bracelets can be supplemented with self-describing elements, other known as pendants.

Conversation starter

No matter how strange it may seem, wearing an accessory that is special in some way has the potential to “break the ice” in communication and start a conversation. Often, starting a conversation is difficult, even clumsy. Usually, accessories attract people’s attention – they want to know more about them, and the conversation is instantly formed. This is definitely a way to meet new people. If you yourself have difficulties to find what to talk about in a group of new people, look at their jewelry.

How to wear bracelets for women

Bracelets for women come in a variety of colors, designs, and looks that make it challenging to accessorize them. There are silver bangles, gold bracelets, and all sorts of other types of woman’s bracelets for every occasion. Knowing this, we have put together some tips on how to pick which bracelets will fit you the best. 


Your Skin Tone Matters

Most bracelets sit tight against your skin, and so, you may want to make sure they match your skin tone. Warm skin, cool skin, and neutral skin all have different bracelet colors and design preferences.

  • Gold bracelets shine brilliantly on warm skin (easily tanned and peachy with green veins). You may also want to try a bronze or other gold shades aside from the standard gold color. Yellowish colors will also compliment bronze fantastically if you are mixing up your bracelets
  • Silver is the color for cool skin (quickly burned, with bluish skin and pink to red undertones). While gold may sometimes work for cool skin too, it is usually kept thin. White gold works with a range of colors from blue and green shades, to leather.
  • Neutral skin will allow you more experimentation (burns before tanning and the veins are not specific in color). Depending on your skin tone, anything from gold to pink may work.

Note: The bracelets for women with neutral skin should always have the dominant color/metal as the one that best accents the skin.

Too Many of Anything Is Bad

Because of the bundled price, wearing a bunch of bangles may seem perfectly reasonable. But as with any other jewelry, moderation is key. Too many of the same jewelry type distracts from the uniqueness of each piece and can easily overpower your entire outfit.

Note: Some bracelets for women are designed to be worn in bunches and are thus exempted from this advice.

Broad Bracelets Slim Down Your Wrist

The thicker and broader your bracelets are, the thinner they make your wrists look, and the longer they make your arms seem. As with the previous tip, moderation is also crucial here. The bracelet should not be too thick or broad. From our experience, two-inches are best.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix It Up A Little

Homogeneity rarely works in bracelets for women. Avoid uniformity when you can and try to stick with unique designs. Gold often shines when coupled with red while silver and pale colors go together. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with a variety of brands and looks.

Always Do A Fitness Test

Not all wrists are precisely the same, which can be a problem slipping on bracelets for women. Woman’s bracelets need to fit the hand tightly enough to avoid falling off and yet not too tight to be impossible to slip on or off. The delicate balance between a close fit and a too-tight one is often millimeters and this can be challenging to get right.

The fitness test involves:

  • Measuring the diameter of the widest part of your wrist with the thumb folded into the palm
  • And measuring that of the bracelet to ensure it can easily slide onto your wrist.

Note: You may go for bracelets with clasps if slipping them on proves too severe a test.

Dress for The Occasion

It’s not enough to merely match your skin tone, your bracelet choice should also match the occasion. No diamond-studded beads for conservative offices or aluminum charm bracelets for board meetings.

  • A simple design with a subdued look is ideal for school or a conservative office.
  • Going with a bold design for a special event (weddings and fancy dinners) has never gone wrong before.
  • Be glamorous on a date night. Something sparkly, studded with brightly shining jewels, may prove an inspired choice.

These are just a few reasons why to wear bracelets for women and how to choose bracelets as an addition to their overall visual image. Of course, before you decide to add a bracelet to your look, consider the reason you want to do it, and that will determine which bracelet you choose. And don’t feel bad if you don’t want to. Each one of us is different and choose to spice up our looks differently. Remember, there are other accessories besides woman’s bracelets. Also, if any type of bracelet has not created a pleasant feeling, try others. Your body may not accept silver, but gold will be much more pleasant. Perhaps a bracelet made of leather or other imitation jewelry would be more suitable for you.