Gold bracelets for women

Gold bracelets for women

Nowadays, women enhance their appearance with various accessories – jewelry. One of the types of jewelry is bracelets. They are made from a variety of materials, both metallic and non-metallic. Metallic bracelets look more elegant and are usually more expensive. Gold is one of the most precious metals used in jewelry making. Like any other accessory, bracelets are made of gold. There are several types of gold that can be distinguished by the color of the material. These different types of gold are created by using other metals in gold. This not only changes the color of the jewelry but also changes its physical properties and price.

Different types of gold 

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is a classic of jewelry and has a saturated yellow color, which is formed by gold and silver alloying gold. Yellow gold has surely conquered the European market. Westerners prefer gold products of this color, considering that they are “real gold”. Yellow gold is chosen by many designers and fashion designers around the world to create luxury products.

White gold

Many consider white gold to be platinum. In fact, white gold is an alloy with other metals (eg palladium, silver, etc.) that give the metal a white color. Despite its name, white gold products will not always be perfectly white. Gold can have a yellow, even pink tinge. In such cases, white gold articles are coated with rhodium. Rhodium is solid metal with distinctly white color. Rhodium-plated articles are protected against oxidation and have an attractive luster.

Red and pink gold, rose gold

Red gold acquired its color thanks to its alloy with copper. Red gold is believed to be more durable, it practically does not remain dull. Depending on the amount of copper in the alloy, its color may vary from red to pink. 

Black gold

There are several ways to get black gold. Gold plating with black rhodium or ruthenium is considered to be the most popular in jewelry making. But technology is evolving, and now black gold can be obtained with the help of a laser that forms nano-structures on the gold surface. Gold treated in this way does not reflect color and therefore looks completely black. Black gold products look sophisticated, they can easily be combined with other colored metals and, of course, precious stones.

How to choose the right gold bracelet?

There are several things to consider when purchasing bracelets; activities you go to, where you go or an event, and what you attract. It is good to have a wide range of cuffs in your jewelry wardrobe, so be prepared for any occasion.

The first question to ask when buying a gold bracelet is: will it fit your style and your silhouette? Will it show you in its best light? Darker, tanned people will, of course, be a great match for gold and bronze tones, but lighter tones should be thoughtful before buying.

Women’s gold bracelets with stones

Bracelets with precious stones, especially diamonds, are not suitable for everyday wear. They are suitable for special events and evening events, so they are bought as a gift or for special events. Meanwhile, everyday women’s gold bracelets with cubic zirconia, which looks luxurious and can adorn the image of any beautiful lady. These little pebbles are seductively shining in sunlight or light, making them very popular with the fair sex.

Women’s white gold bracelet

Less popular than those made of the yellow and red metal. For the time being, they look incredibly elegant and fit almost any outfit. According to fashion stylists, such accessories are suitable in any case and, moreover, can not spoil everyday wear.

Bracelet and watch

The watch will have the most impact on whether the bracelet looks right next to the watch, the material of the watch, the color of the watch and the watch strap.

If you are going to wear a metal bracelet, remember that the best option would be to buy the bracelet in the same metal as the watch. This will make your wrist look more connected and ultimately create a more elegant overall look.



If you wear a watch made of steel, you should choose a bracelet made of steel rather than any other metal. However, this does not mean that you cannot wear bracelets other than metal bracelets on the same wrist as the watch. It just means that if you want to wear some kind of metal bracelet on the same wrist as your watch, you have to choose a bracelet with the same metal as the watch.

The choice of gold

585 fineness or 14k gold consists of 58.3% gold and is very suitable for jewelry making. Gold of this fineness is the most popular type of gold because it can be worn safely every day, it is scratch-resistant and is much more durable than higher carat gold. In addition, the 585 fineness gold has a beautiful color that makes this fineness even more desirable. It should be understood that the purer the gold, the less durable such bracelets are. Therefore, if you want to wear your gold bracelet every day, it is better to choose 14K or 10K.

People who are allergic to nickel should be aware that small carat gold bracelets usually contain this metal but never GLD. So if you are allergic then it is better to opt for 14K and 18K gold bracelets. But people with very severe allergies may even have the problem with the smallest amount of nickel still in 14K gold chains.

What is the price range?

The answer to this question depends on how much pure gold you want, the price is determined by the number of carats. Carat gold, measured in 24K, is 100% pure gold. It is worth noting that although 24 karat gold is considered 100% gold, it is far from being 100% pure, as the pure gold available on the market today is 99.95% clean. This means the more carats, the more valuable the gold is. The addition of other metals (alloys) to gold is used to increase the strength and hardness of the metal, to change the color, i.e. white gold (palladium or silver) and pink gold (copper), but in the case of lower carat gold, to reduce costs. Each gold bracelet is labeled and thanks to this we know what percentage of gold it contains.



Gold bracelets allow many different variations of wearing them. You can combine it with a watch or with other bracelets from beads or fabric threads to make a stylish, chic look. Not only there are many designs of gold bracelets, but the price range of this type of bracelet is also very wide. It all depends on the type of gold used for jewelry making, so if you have decided to invest in a valuable golden piece of jewelry we suggest you speak to a professional, as some types of gold are very expensive. Have a good thought about the design you wish your bracelet to have!

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